Conversations invites thoughtful discussion around global and local issues and events in a new short-form entitled, “Chats.” The journal envisions the Chats to function as a platform for timely exchanges and discussion prompts, such as written or video recorded roundtables, a curated response to a particular question or issue, and the like.

About the submission:

  • A platform to usher a quick response to global and local issues/ events.
  • Chat proposals are considered on an ongoing basis and will depend on the availability of the Editorial Board members to usher the “Chat” through a short (1-3 months) process from proposal to online launch.
  • Suggested content limit: The journal suggests a 1,000-2,000-word range for written material and 15 to 30 minutes for video/audio material.

Things to include in your proposal:

People wishing to propose a “Chat” individually or among 2-3 individuals should email the Conversations editor at [email protected] with the following information in one page or less:

  • Issue/event to which your “Chat” will respond.
  • A rationale for why a “Chat” is an appropriate format for your contribution.
  • Details of your proposal: what kind of “Chat” are you proposing (written, video, audio, other?), with whom, on what timeline?
  • Please include your name, affiliation, and email. 

In line with DSA’s commitment to undoing anti-Black racism and dismantling white supremacy in dance, Conversations seeks to amplify the voices that are under-heard in our field. Thus, we welcome and encourage dancers, scholars, and educators from all kinds of backgrounds to propose a Chat on our platform.